Thursday, 19 June 2014

Year 7 Germany Trip - Phantasialand

Today we went to Phantasialand and we went on a lot of really good rides and most of them were really fast, but the small ones were quite fun too. I liked going on Colorado adventure it was very fast and it was my favourite.                                                     
By Miranda Perry

Today at Phantasia Land (the best theme park in the world) was pretty much the best day of our lives!!! All the rides were amazing and they are perfect for people our age. There are big rides for the daredevils and also smaller rides for kids. The food there was also epic and it was really nice. The gift shops aren't too expensive and there are plenty of ice cream stalls there too. Basically, it was AWESOME!
Oli Sefton and Charlie Ward

It was a very good theme park that was fun especially the fast rollercoasters. I loved the day there! The food was also great.  
Daniel Liddiard

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  1. phantasia land was so fun i would definitely go again if i had the chance
    trinity muller