Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Year 7 Germany Trip -day 2 again

Tuesday evening, we had a yummy brokkoli soup (no, really!), Bratwurst, mash and red cabbage which most students at least tried. 
Later, Dave (the coach 1 driver) volunteered for some evening entertainment and led through the talent show (you try getting the mic away from him again!). Brave participants included 'Deutsch Crew' with an impressions act, Ellie, Fran and Trinity singing and Kirsty wowing the audience with a fantastic dance routine. 
The winner, as crowned by the judges was the energetic dance by Ashleigh. Well done to all performers!

The trip is really good so far. The food is really good and the entertainment is really funny.  The talent show was good because of he funny acts.  The sausages were reall nice but i didnt really like the curry sauce.  Kai Mahoney was really funny as he couldnt perform his act, he was trying to laugh but couldnt.  Time has flown by.  


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