Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Year 7 Germany trip -day 3

Coaches swapped activities today, with coach 1 visiting the Realschule for workshops with German pupils, while coach 2 braved the chair lift and found lunch in beautiful Boppard at the river Rhine. In the afternoon, it was the castle and Koblenz.
Our students have been punctual to all meeting points and very considerate when walking around the towns. The Tomlinscote groups were praised by staff at the castle for listening quietly and being interested, and yesterday coach 1 received praise at the chair lift for their mature behaviour (and their stylish dress sense!). The kids are doing us proud (apart from the small but growing number of children who are accumulating time off Phantasialand for various little problems, like noise after bedtime or mess at the dinner table.)
Tonight, we're having our disco, as tomorrow we will have to support England playing against Uruguay.

Today we went on the chair lift, visited the town Boppard an had a tour of the castle. The chair lift was scary at first but then when you get used to it, it was fine; the best part was the amazing views. In Boppard, the town trail was interesting but sometimes hard to understand the German. After that, The tour of the castle was very interesting and factual about the middle ages. Overall, the highlight of the day for me was the chair lift due to the amazing views; I am looking forward to going to Fantasia  Land tommorow, it will be great.
Georgina Withers 

Today we went to a wonderful German girl's school. They were very nice and friendly, also they spoke good English. After that we went to a beautiful town where we brought lunch and presents. And finally we went to the confluence where two rivers meet, it was brilliant because we could climb to the top of the statue and look at the great view, we had a wonderful day.

by Luke Hewitt and Tolu Ayo-Ojo

Today we went to a Christian school that had a huge church. The people stayed in the same building as the church, and it was all girls. The actual school building was quite large as well, and they had two sand volleyball courts and a swimming pool. After that we walked to the nearest town and spent two hours there. There were beggars on the street, though they didn't look that poor. I enjoyed the fact that we were allowed to go round with our friends.

Kiran Sahota

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