Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Another report from Germany

Dear diary,

Today we went to Koblenz where we met some school children at their German Hogwarts like school. They made us a lovely breakfast which included pretzels and jam on toast plus lots more. Later on in the day we went to a very interesting print room, where he taught us about how printing originated. After visiting the school we then walked to a nearby town where we got lunch from different places like bakeries and ice cream parlours. All the food we had we ordered in German -this was challenging but everybody finally understood it. We then all walked round the town buying souvenirs. Unfortunately, when had finished and we were walking to the coach it started chucking it down with rain so everyone had to sprint to the coach. Once we had finished in the town we headed to the town of Koblenz , this was more of a city with more skyscrapers and business men. We were going to the town/ city to visit the Deutsches Eck , were the 2 river merge into 1 (the Mosel and the Rhine. We also went there to visit an amazing piece of the Berlin wall which had been preserve impeccably. When we got back to the hotel we changed clothes because  unfortunately they were still wet from earlier. At dinner the starter was a very flavoursome mushroom soup. When it came out I though I wouldn't like it however it was lovely like the pea soup the night before. Then we had schnitzel with chips which was very nice. Once we had had all our diner the waitresses bought out some ice cream  sandwiches with 3 different types of ice cream, strawberry chocolate and vanilla.  Finally we were all dismissed table by table and channelled down to the function room. Frau Mahler pretended to be a DJ at the music quiz and Mr Rollason played some old songs that only teachers really knew.  

I think it goes without saying that this trip is AMAZING!

By Jack Polley and Olly Wingfield 

Sorry that the reports have been mainly from coach 1. We are having trouble with the internet so bear with us... There will be more pictures and reports soon. Be assured that both groups are having a lot of fun in Germany!

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