Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kasper, der Bandit und die Million

Children from our primary feeder schools were treated to a German Kaspertheater. Courtesy of the Goethe Institute, 18 classes of German learners from years 3 to 6 were invited to watch the Punch and Judy style show at Lakeside primary school. The hero Kasper and his friend Gretel visit grandmother in London only to find her kidnapped by Bandit B! Only with the help of his enthusiastic audience can he get his hands on the million pound ransom.

Here are some comments by the children:
"I found it wunderbar! It was also really funny!" James

"I like it when they went on the Max Factor." Aran

"I found the show very funny and it made me giggle. I enjoyed the part where we got to sing the songs." Megan

"I loved the puppet show because there were some unexpected scenes and the audience could join in! Danke schön Goethe Institute!" Hassan

"It was the most amazing experience. I have learnt a lot of new German words. Also it was a little bit weird." Harriet

"I thought it would be rubbish, but it was really good and I would love to see it again!" Jessica

"It was amazing! I laughed my head off. The bit when he grabs her made me jump! A lot better than any other puppet show! Thanks for an amazing time." Ella

"I thought it was fun and interesting. I had no trouble understanding the German" Isobel

"I think the puppet show was FANTASTISCH! Anyone who enjoys German and likes to join in with fun activities, this is the perfect show for you! Very funny and entertaining." Hannah

"Kasper was a very interactive and fun show to watch. Kasper, der Bandit und die Million is definitely a 5 star show" Lara

"Your play was...WUNDERBAR! I liked it and it helped me learn more German! Danke!"  Mide

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