Thursday, 25 June 2015

Report from coach 2

Today we're going to Phantasialand, a wonderful theme park near Cologne! 
The children are VERY excited! 

Here is a report on the first days of our trip by Dan Cooke: 

After a tedious coach journey, the ever excited coach 2 students were relieved to finally arive in Germany. We gratefully accepted our keys and went to our rooms. Before walking next to the meandering Mosel, we briefly unpacked our belongings in addition to becoming familiar with the Anker Hotel.

Waking up at around a very early quarter to seven,  most of us having showered, dressed, and packed for the adventurous day ahead, the hotel served us breakfast. Later on, we travelled to Boppard, where the heavens opened on two separate occasions drenching us busy shoppers. The treasure hunt was quite challenging, we had to collect certain items in the village while translating the statements to find out what they meant. The rain eventually stopped, which allowed us to go on the Boppard chairlift: it had spectacular views of Boppard and the surrounding Rhein Valley. When the sky grew a grey cover, we knew it was time to leave. Having rushed to the coach in the pouring rain, we went to marksburg castle. Unfortunately on the way 2 oncoming coaches and several following cars prevented us from reaching the top of the hill. The driver had to carefully manoeuvre back down the hill to let the traffic pass. Penultimately, we viewed the castle, after a successful attempt at climbing the hill. It was extremley well kept. Then we went back to the hotel to have schnitzel for dinner and a music quiz after. Frau Mahler expertly DJ'd the evening with help from Herr Rollason. Many classic songs where played, which most the teachers danced to. All in all it was a fantastic day! 

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