Thursday, 25 June 2015

Germany - the food

See below for a group photo from coach 2. Can you spot your child?

Here are some more reports on the food:

So far I have found all of the soup amazing as it has a variety of different flavours. My personal favourite was the first soup that we had. I think that it was  a broccoli cheddar and carrot soup. These flavours were amazing as they mixed well together and created  a tremendously good dish. 

My favourite main meal was the pasta that we had on Wednesday. The sauce was a meat sauce that had beef and mince in it.  The pasta was amazing because it was freshly cooked and warm. 
I haven't had any of the delicious puddings as I was to full up on the delicious food. Overall it was amazing! Thank you. 
Lewis C

Our food over the week has been great as there was a variety of unique German food. So far we have had meatballs, pasta, schnitzel and bratwurst. 

George F

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