Friday, 26 June 2015

Germany last day

After a lovely meal of Frikadellen, Bratkartoffeln und Erbsen last night (meatballs, panfried potatoes and peas) we had a disco during which some people showed off their special dance skills. 

Now we're on our way back home: soon we had to say goodbye to the pretty vinyards along the river Mosel and have a day of travelling on the Autobahn. But we have a plentiful supply of DVDs and music, and I'm sure we'll be dancing and singing along to our new favourite German song a few more times! 

Here are some more comments about the trip:

The week has been amazing! Ich liebe Deutschland jetzt! (Now I love Germany) It has been a great experience and I've learnt more about the German lifestyle. Ich finde meine deutsch Freunde toll! My German pen pal was very nice and friendly, we also exchanged contact details and took many photos together. The school was very fun as they were very welcoming and even made a spread of waffles for us-which were very delicious. Also, shopping in the town was great as we got to use our German vocabularly with the people in the towns. I think that when I go to England I'll still be saying- ich m├Âchte eine kleine Pommes bitte! PhantasiaLand was also sehr lustig. One thing I liked most about this trip was that we were given a lot of responsibilities and freedom to go round in groups but were also safe every second of the trip. I  would love to come back and do the German exchange in year 9!
Beau McDonald

This week was super und unsere deutschen Freunde waren fantastisch! Ich finde es toll und interessant!

Lena H,  Hattie P & Caitlin F ­čśś

It's been a fantastic week: the children have been a pleasure to be with: enthusiastic, well-behaved, punctual and  easy-going. They had a great time all round! 
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More photos will be uploaded soon on the shared area on the school network...


  1. Thanks so much for the updates on the Blog. It has been a great reassurance for parents and good to see the children having such a great time.

  2. I loved lookin at the blog and did this twice a day. Such reassurance for us parents when we had no other contact with our children. Looks like a great time was had all round ��