Monday, 24 June 2013

Year 7 in France - Day 1

We set off at around 3.30am from school. No-one slept much on the coach on the way to Dover; everyone was much too excited! The ferry crossing was calm and afforded us the opportunity to eat a good breakfast before continuing with the rest of our journey. We were fascinated to see the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur as we passed through Paris. Of course, some of the students were just too tired to take in the French countryside as we made our way on to Poitiers.

We arrived at out hotel at around 5.15pm local time and, once we had familiarised ourselves with our rooms, we had an opportunity to complete the first page of our activity booklet and stretch our legs with a game of football. By the time dinner was served we were beginning to get really hungry. So, the three course meal of coleslaw and green salad, sausage and mash, and raspberry doughnuts was much appreciated!

We also had had a couple of special events today: it was Tim's birthday, so we raised a glass in his honour at dinner this evening. And Adam lost a tooth during the journey. (We have the tooth ... we're just not entirely sure whether the tooth fairy will find him ... we suppose it depends whether she's reading this blog).

We are looking forward to being able to walk into the Futuroscope park tomorrow (after a bit of a lay-in in the morning!).

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  1. Happy Birthday James Norris, 7R from Mum, Dad and Sophie xxx