Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Year 7 in France - Day 2

Having enjoyed croissants and (amongst many other options) une tasse de chocolat chaud, we made our way to Futuroscope. The sun was shining, so the colourful tops, shorts and shoes made a welcome return this year!
Our Futuroscope tour guides took us straight to one of the newest attractions in the park, Le Petit Prince, a 4D film about the well-known French storybook character. Students thought the comical, animated  experience was uniquely charming and dramatic – especially when the dragon snorted ‘mucus’ and warm air over the audience and the bats flew between our legs! (Well, that’s what it felt like - honest!)
From there we were taken to Tahiti Extrême, an iMax presentation featuring surfing with Kelly Slater on the waves of Teahuppo. Some of us were so inspired that we just had to have a go ourselves!


Students were given free time to explore the Futuroscope park in the afternoon before eating dinner together in the park.

It was James's birthday today - Joyeux Anniversaire, James!

Quote of the day goes to Emily who was heard saying, "When you are in France you learn to speak more French!". Mais oui, exactement!

As this post is uploaded, it's 9.30pm local time and we are just eagerly awaiting a laser show in the Futuroscope park. If we manage to get any good photos we'll try and upload them here tomorrow. Bonsoir. À demain!



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