Saturday, 29 June 2013

Germany Year 7 trip - one more report & pictures

The best day had to be the chair lift. I liked it because the view was spectacular. Also, it did not go fast, so the heights did not matter much. Some bits were steep but the thing that got me through it was talking to the person next to me. After the chair lift we went to the castle which was really old. We were given a great tour and the lady who walked us round had a joke with us which made us all pay attention. The best room was the bedroom because it was the most interesting. (like that they slept in a sitting position because they associated lying flat with being dead). There was also information about the history about who owned the castles over the years. I really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic day. 
Hannah Smith
with help by Faye Davies Wild

the lucky crew of the Partybus

view from the chairlift over the Rhine
almost made it...
posing along the river Rhine


in Marksburg castle

he hadn't even been naughty...

in Phantasialand with birthday boy and Frau Bauer
still smiling before the ride


it looks pretty harmless....

They had a great time -  Mrs Kent fell in love with Germany and will be back for sure!
coach 2 at the Deutsches Eck - what a lovely bunch!


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