Thursday, 27 June 2013

Year 7 Germany Trip Day Three

Today, after a slightly later breakfast of bread rolls with cold meat and cheese, coach 1 set off for the route coach 2 completed yesterday.
Coach 2's children went off on a treasure hunt with the back drop of picturesque timber-frame houses in Limburg, finding various items and enlisting the help of the locals. They also found lovely ice-cream and Bratwurst. Some spoil sports also found an American hamburger restaurant. Booo!
In the afternoon, coach 2 visited the Deutsches Eck, sight of the confluence of the rivers Moselle and Rhine and went into Koblenz for some more gift shopping. 
After dinner of penne bolognese (and chips!?) children showed off their talents in the party room: we were entertained by jokes, saw fabulous dancing and heard fantastic singing. In top spot were Eliza and Prima wowing the crowd with an a capella rendition of Someone Like You and Gio singing along in Korean.

Tomorrow we're off to Fantasialand!!
the treasure hunt in Limburg

Ich  möchte ein Eis, bitte.

buying Erdbeeren at the Markt

noch eine leckere Bratwurst

am deutsches Eck- you can see the two different colours of the rivers merging

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