Friday, 28 June 2013

Pupils' Views of the Germany Trip 2013

I am having a great time in Germany! I have seen so many things that I would not see in England. Like, a shop full of post cards and nothing else, GUMMY BEAR SHOP and so many other things!
As I am having a good time,  and I felt like staying here in Germany and NOT going back to England! If I were to come back to Germany, I would visit more places in this area and I would learn more German!
I have had a great time and I would like to  come again!!
Marina V.

Germany I have to say is the best trip I've ever been on because we did all sort of fun things like going to town and other places like the castle. Phantasia land was the best bit and we had to walk around in a group of at least 4 otherwise we could have got lost if you're on your own. The best ride would have to be the dropper in the dark because it is unexpected. When we were going to Phantasialand everyone is so excited, and when you go in you see a massive tower and that's the dropper! The theme was Mexico, China town and others. I had so much fun and I hope the year 7 next year have fun too!!

Taylor Corkery

The best part was Phantasia land and Marksburg castle and the Boppard chair lift. 
I am grateful for the staff organising and helping us through the trip especially the coach drivers and Mrs Sparkes and Frau Mahler. 
Tom V.

Alles klar?? Alles klar!!

singing and dancing with the Fliegerlied

Die Bratwurst in Deutschland ist lecker!

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