Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Year 7 in France - Day 3

Everyone enjoyed last night’s spectacle de son et lumière in the Futuroscope park. The show, new for 2013, was called ‘Lady Ô’.
Set to a modern, symphonic musical score, the story appeared to be influenced by ‘War of the Worlds’ but in this instance, the destruction and fire wrought by alien machines was defeated by colourful lights, a lot of water, a little dancing … oh, and some dolphins (projected, that is, not real!).
Having had a day without travel yesterday, today we were back on the coaches to visit the historic port of La Rochelle.

We arrived just after midday and were able to have a look around the town.
The students had responsibility for deciding what they would like for lunch, so many of them proved once again an ability to use their linguistic skill to order and pay for their food and drink.
Miss Bennett ordered Moules Crème for her lunch and was surprised to find this tiny specimen at the bottom of her pot!
After lunch we made our way to the famous aquarium where we were amazed to see the colours, shapes and sizes of sea creatures from around the world: eels, turtles, sharks, star fish, clown fish, jellyfish, wrasse, bass, seahorses, octopus and nautilus – to name just a small selection!
The fish just to the left is a type of wrasse. The French name for this species of fish is 'Napoléon'!


Like yesterday, the weather has been pleasantly warm and sunny so everyone was glad to be bought an ice lolly by Ms Merle. Merci beaucoup!

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