Saturday, 22 June 2013

Year 8 Trip to London: 3 Museums and Famous Germans

On Thursday 20 June, Miss Allen organised, with the help of Frau Soylucicek from the Goethe Institut and Mrs Elliott at Tomlinscote, a trip for 101 Year 8 German learners to London.  
We were also joined by 8 students from Kings International and their teacher Frau Foltzer.  

The task for the day was to visit three of the most famous museums in London, the Victoria and Albert, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum in order to answer quiz questions in German.  The content of the questions varied, with some relating to famous Germans and others relating to Science/Art in German.  The students were quite exhausted after the three one-hour visits, but seemed to have a very positive impression of the day.  

Mrs Christian organised some inter-group competitions for coach 2 and awarded some prizes, but Frau Soylucicek will also be looking at the answer booklets and awarding some prizes for good achievement. 
in front of the V&A

inside the Natural History Museum
We would like to thank Frau Soylucicek for all of her time and effort in writing the questions and to Herr Edwards, Herr Hartland, Frau Christian, Frau Fatelli, Frau Bauer and Frau Evans for taking the time to accompany the trip.

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  1. The Natural history museum has many galleries and zones filled with rare collections and V&A museum's fashion collections are gorgeous.